Internet Route Registry

These entries are queried from using whois, you can try my project getting these.


as-set:         AS-STORMWALL-SET
tech-c:         DUMY-RIPE
admin-c:        DUMY-RIPE
members:        AS59796
members:        AS208570
members:        AS206893
members:        AS44217
members:        AS34458
members:        AS29099
members:        AS43824
members:        AS42183
members:        AS60372
members:        AS57256
members:        AS16130
members:        AS42334
members:        AS52368
members:        AS59627
members:        AS49080
members:        AS197695
members:        AS34356
members:        AS48629
members:        AS50178
members:        AS13044
members:        AS39010
members:        AS51558
members:        AS49683
members:        AS34113
members:        AS57553
members:        AS206519
members:        AS21030
members:        AS43146
members:        AS35104
members:        AS204804
members:        as-wave
members:        AS33878
members:        AS60494
members:        AS-TERRANET-LB
members:        AS393960
members:        AS135330
members:        AS200875
members:        AS39216
members:        AS51684
members:        AS50516
members:        AS198867
members:        AS203763
members:        AS49020
members:        AS327809
members:        AS57324
members:        AS31577
members:        AS25487
members:        AS15549
members:        AS49571
members:        AS200698
members:        AS61166
members:        AS50710
members:        AS134823
members:        AS17502
members:        AS131618
members:        AS7483
members:        AS43263
members:        AS20874
members:        AS201749
members:        AS203459
members:        AS-DESH
members:        AS-AVANTEL-MSK
members:        AS60976
members:        as-50710
members:        AS48399
members:        AS205473
members:        AS198589
members:        as-MASARAT
members:        AS198735
members:        AS203257
members:        AS31037
members:        AS35673
members:        AS42745
members:        AS204152
members:        AS204149
members:        AS134687
members:        AS133115
members:        AS142637
members:        AS133774
members:        AS3194
members:        AS142403
members:        AS29046
members:        AS48253
members:        AS56530
members:        AS-MK-NETZDIENSTE
members:        AS203811
members:        AS200865
members:        AS206893
members:        AS205800
members:        AS208115
members:        AS204473
members:        AS39273
members:        AS327738
members:        AS52363
members:        AS266777
members:        AS138678
members:        AS35916
remarks:        CID4242
members:        AS263702
members:        AS262237
members:        AS263249
members:        AS266715
members:        AS263826
members:        AS262237
members:        AS266789
members:        AS27962
members:        AS267748
members:        AS37008
members:        AS-SAWADLAND
members:        AS200590
members:        AS56902
members:        AS50673
members:        AS204356
members:        AS48847
members:        AS8720
members:        AS205015
members:        AS59955
members:        AS-MTW
members:        AS43019
members:        AS208341
members:        AS-CITYTELECOM-DDOS
members:        AS210318
members:        AS200349
members:        AS60999
members:        AS205889
members:        as-giganineveh
members:        AS134823:AS-IPT
members:        AS38846
members:        AS59939
members:        AS205563
members:        AS48693
members:        AS137373
remarks:        start AS52251
members:        AS52251
members:        AS263729
members:        AS264619
members:        AS262196
members:        AS52426
members:        AS267856
members:        AS263737
members:        AS52477
remarks:        end AS52251
members:        AS208365
members:        AS57908
members:        AS-Aljazeera
members:        AS207462
members:        AS203374
members:        AS134548
members:        AS52284
members:        AS138915
members:        AS60663
members:        AS207786
members:        AS210194
members:        AS208306
members:        AS57133
members:        AS42447
members:        AS200869
members:        AS134121
members:        AS203409
members:        AS15549
members:        AS203087
members:        AS269897
members:        AS210021
members:        as-alsard-set
members:        AS207097
members:        AS60600
members:        AS44310
members:        AS59850
members:        AS138545
members:        AS213302
members:        AS48407
members:        AS207319
members:        AS56740
members:        AS42835
members:        AS62133
members:        AS-CUBIXSERV
members:        AS202354
members:        AS207711
members:        AS-NetTechLtd
members:        AS263801
members:        AS266682
members:        AS264737
members:        AS-MAX
members:        AS210162
members:        AS204566
members:        AS265804
members:        AS262259
members:        AS270014
members:        AS208393
members:        AS396073
members:        AS55789
remarks:        CID8926
members:        AS206638
members:        AS265365
members:        AS64443
members:        AS206980
members:        AS47995
members:        AS207333
members:        AS200532
members:        AS202958
members:        AS131659
members:        AS50566
members:        AS58231
members:        AS202672
members:        AS17415
members:        AS328543
members:        AS36988
members:        as-infonas
members:        AS60591
members:        AS212252
members:        AS37524
members:        AS133201
members:        AS206812
members:        AS-GOLINE
members:        AS133073
members:        AS208932
members:        AS34327
members:        AS201364
members:        AS-HOSTGLOBALPLUS
members:        AS28098
members:        AS206947
remarks:        ***CID8979
members:        AS61512
members:        AS267837
members:        AS268397
members:        AS265078
members:        AS269932
members:        AS266394
members:        AS268687
members:        AS268531
members:        AS263617
members:        AS269170
members:        AS266213
members:        AS271228
members:        AS271082
members:        AS263394
members:        AS267885
members:        AS270476
members:        AS268257
members:        AS265905
members:        AS262550
members:        AS266071
members:        AS262299
members:        AS269444
members:        AS53047
members:        AS267669
members:        AS264938
members:        AS267295
members:        AS269521
members:        AS263097
members:        AS266631
members:        AS270344
members:        AS263523
members:        AS270735
members:        AS263626
members:        AS263987
members:        AS267480
members:        AS270576
members:        AS267127
members:        AS266630
members:        AS265270
members:        AS268027
members:        AS268722
members:        AS267396
members:        AS268063
members:        AS266469
members:        AS264320
members:        AS264059
members:        AS264289
members:        AS266126
members:        AS264051
members:        AS265401
members:        AS267264
members:        AS264972
members:        AS267196
members:        AS268459
members:        AS267316
members:        AS264872
members:        AS266166
members:        AS269338
members:        AS268213
members:        AS269485
members:        AS268668
members:        AS264899
members:        AS268529
members:        AS61633
members:        AS266768
members:        AS268527
members:        AS268177
members:        AS266314
members:        AS264404
members:        AS268628
members:        AS266200
members:        AS263557
members:        AS269698
members:        AS268206
members:        AS269608
members:        AS263374
members:        AS268100
members:        AS266275
members:        AS264500
members:        AS267256
members:        AS265282
members:        AS53146
members:        AS268824
members:        AS266387
members:        AS262676
members:        AS264478
members:        AS263284
members:        AS270702
members:        AS61831
members:        AS265226
members:        AS271161
members:        AS264386
members:        AS267988
members:        AS267458
members:        AS265207
members:        AS264862
members:        AS267202
members:        AS267437
members:        AS270355
members:        AS267389
members:        AS267451
members:        AS263129
members:        AS268085
members:        AS265326
members:        AS264049
members:        AS266497
members:        AS269342
members:        AS270925
members:        AS270419
members:        AS268513
members:        AS271064
members:        AS270268
members:        AS264170
members:        AS268910
members:        AS267327
members:        AS270241
members:        AS269060
members:        AS270947
members:        AS268253
members:        AS268138
members:        AS269377
members:        AS262839
members:        AS269407
members:        AS266051
members:        AS270640
members:        AS270340
members:        AS269546
members:        AS268874
members:        AS266972
members:        AS271319
members:        AS267330
members:        AS264565
members:        AS267318
members:        AS269037
members:        AS263400
members:        AS264879
members:        AS267057
members:        AS270991
members:        AS264168
members:        AS263940
members:        AS263860
members:        AS265290
members:        AS265147
members:        AS265245
members:        AS262490
members:        AS269120
members:        AS263601
members:        AS268851
members:        AS265159
members:        AS266537
members:        AS263920
members:        AS267080
members:        AS269574
members:        AS269223
members:        AS267096
members:        AS265249
members:        AS266400
members:        AS263629
members:        AS268051
members:        AS266391
members:        AS268262
members:        AS263498
members:        AS264949
members:        AS265475
members:        AS264056
members:        AS53113
members:        AS267195
members:        AS270701
members:        AS268137
members:        AS265453
members:        AS264504
members:        AS269186
members:        AS270879
members:        AS269368
members:        AS262183
members:        AS265053
members:        AS265088
members:        AS266306
members:        AS267499
members:        AS267401
members:        AS268609
members:        AS270956
remarks:        END
members:        AS38478
members:        AS262313
members:        AS55688
members:        AS200830
members:        AS267395
members:        AS-W8TELECOM
members:        AS212338
members:        AS212685
members:        AS28209
members:        AS264077
members:        AS262968
members:        AS270424
members:        AS52863
members:        AS266248
members:        AS269385
members:        AS58678
members:        AS-CUSTOMERS
members:        AS-C1VHOSTING
members:        AS58678:AS-CUSTOMERS
members:        AS58985
members:        AS56447
members:        AS204341
members:        AS-FE511
members:        AS-MIRHOSTING
members:        AS50340
members:        AS263320
members:        AS-ZTK
members:        AS49089
members:        AS-IQNETWORKS
members:        AS198712
members:        AS138865
members:        AS53153
members:        AS44015
members:        AS27891
members:        AS60337
members:        AS211390
remarks:        CID8769
members:        AS58231
remarks:        end
remarks:        CID9671
members:        AS50214
remarks:        end
remarks:        CID7106
members:        AS205516
members:        AS208356
members:        AS56934
remarks:        CID9778
members:        AS210166
members:        AS137990
members:        AS59625
members:        AS133380
remarks:        end
remarks:        CID9911
members:        AS-HOSTIKO
remarks:        end
remarks:        CID9954
members:        AS3243
remarks:        end
members:        AS210993
remarks:        CID9969
members:        AS50770
remarks:        CID8021
members:        AS203491
remarks:        CID10016
members:        AS48282
members:        AS- href="/irr/asn/AS53013">AS53013
members:        AS24496
members:        AS-VDSINA
members:        AS-IPHOST
members:        AS213146
members:        AS43278
remarks:        CID10108
members:        AS58487
members:        AS56694
remarks:        CID4242
members:        AS264669
members:        AS395754
remarks:        CID10150
members:        AS211019
members:        AS61317
remarks:        CID10155
members:        AS210546
members:        AS210931
members:        AS211507
members:        AS131745
members:        AS207610
remarks:        # CID3101
members:        AS399396
members:        AS210880
remarks:        CID8208
members:        AS210651
members:        AS60240
remarks:        CID8129
members:        AS210644
members:        AS140389
members:        AS140476
remarks:        CID10274
members:        AS270764
members:        AS212122
remarks:        CID10293
members:        AS44653
members:        AS39433
members:        AS210950
remarks:        CID10336
members:        AS393470
remarks:        CID10338
members:        AS-AFRANET
members:        AS25184
remarks:        CID10359
members:        AS-SET-SERVERFIELD
remarks:        CID10375
members:        AS-UCC
remarks:        CID10314
members:        AS212685
remarks:        CID10390
members:        AS211728
members:        AS204357
members:        AS203493
members:        AS139456
remarks:        CID8379
members:        AS56484
members:        AS212573
members:        AS202777
members:        AS203374
members:        AS210247
mnt-by:         stormwall-mnt
created:        2016-03-12T08:33:51Z
last-modified:  2022-01-18T20:30:04Z
source:         RIPE
remarks:        ****************************
remarks:        * THIS OBJECT IS MODIFIED
remarks:        * Please note that all data that is generally regarded as personal
remarks:        * data has been removed from this object.
remarks:        * To view the original object, please query the RIPE Database at:
remarks:        *
remarks:        ****************************