Internet Route Registry

These entries are queried from using whois, you can try my project getting these.


descr:      AS-MLA-CUSTOMER-264415
origin:     AS52897
remarks:    Cliente do Cliente Maxis Telecom
remarks:    AS PATH 267613 264415 52897
remarks:    Usuario XConn rsilva
remarks:    ************************************************************
remarks:    This is a Eletronet customer proxy route object that was cre
remarks:    ated because no existing route object with the same origin w
remarks:    as found. Please contact noc [at] if you have an
remarks:    y questions regarding this object.
remarks:    ************************************************************
notify:     coreweb_tier2 [at]
notify:     filtrosbgpoperadoras [at]
mnt-by:     MAINT-AS267613
changed:    filtrosbgpoperadoras [at] 20201110  #10:20:05Z
source:     RADB