Internet Route Registry

These entries are queried from using whois, you can try my project getting these.


descr:      PACNET (proxy-registered route object)
origin:     AS45908
remarks:    This route object is for a PACNET customer route which is
            being exported under this origin AS.
            This route object was created because no existing route
            object with the same origin was found, and since some
            ANC peers filter based on these objects this route
            may be rejected if this object is not created.
            Please contact abuse [at] for any related SPAM/abuse case
            Please contact ip-noc [at] if you have any other
            Questions regarding this object.
notify:     ip-noc [at]
mnt-by:     MAINT-AS4637
changed:    ip-noc [at] 20140311
source:     RADB